Book Review: Chasing The Stars By Malorie Blackman

This was a little something that I'd planned to announce earlier this month; that being part of my plan to add more to this blog for 2018. But of course I was unable to do so, though that's not too be worried on too much.
So like many who blog specifically on writing and its various aspects of literature, I find it necessary to add my own thoughts on books I read in my free time. I am a crazy bookworm who does try her best to find anything that catches my eye when I do, after all. 
Of course it matters! Anyway, today I have decided to review a particular book I read over the last week. And one that I think really needs an extra look at. For good reasons.

Since I plan to do more in the future, I have created a special rating system, in which both plot, characters, setting and originality get their own ratings as the main parts of a general story structure. The added ratings will then come to a final verdict; it's a little rough, I know, but that's how it will more or less …

The Trouble With Focus and Execution: My Feelings With Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

(Warning, this blog post contains spoilers to a popular film. 
So if you haven't seen it and want to, I'm afraid you'll have to skip this post and look at my previous ones. My apologies.)

We all just love Star Wars. Ever since A New Hope, everyone has eventually made the iconic story of a young farm boy who became a Jedi thanks to a Wookie, his friend Han Solo, and a princess who went out of her way to use a blaster just to save their skins one time, a film icon. And while the universe since the Original Trilogy has mostly been made of ups and down, the main culprit being the prequels, people still remember with fondness the strange yet fascinating world of science fiction that no one before 1977 had really gone to.
Now with the new rebooted trilogy done by Disney, many have mixed feelings over the new direction that is being taken. 
I, of course, am just as apprehensive. While understanding the play-it-safe route that was used in The Force Awakens, I did feel a bit annoyed th…

Important Update for 03/01/2018: About the Duo Post Thing.....

Remember that particular post very similar to this one that I put up about two months ago? Well, I have to say that it happened again. 
So I just want to mention that while I think will the Duo Posts Day come in handy when the timing is right, it's not a routine I currently can't one-hundred percent commit to. If you want to know more into why, look at the previous one here. Since I'm unable to explain much at the moment.
But at the moment, it's not working. I hope you're not too disappointed.
It's just been a very tight schedule recently. So until hopefully the near future, I might do one again. But sadly, not right now. I'll release the second post next week. See you then!

Three Tips To Know When Encountering Writer's Block

Writing, especially for writers, is our lifeblood, as we of course all know. We want to do it every day, from when we wake up early in the morning to when we fall asleep late at night, and continue to write until the end of time. At least, our time anyway. Now I could tell you right here, right now that there is indeed a masterful Genie out there who knows all the secrets into making this happen, but sadly, I don't. :( In the end, that's only wishful-thinking, and something writers should already know never works to get what we want. We have to struggle like everyone else around us to survive, and there will be moments once in awhile where the creative sides of our brain may crash out temporarily and demand a Full On Internal Repair by droids and robots. 

There is still hope, though. So leaving the intro, I will now begin in the few bits of tips I have from personal experience on the great matter we all know of as writer's block.

Just to add a quite note, these tips have pro…

Why Writing Tips Aren't For Everyone

Happy Belated Christmas to you all! I am back, and already having thoughts of my plans for the new year. Make that LOTS and LOTS of ideas! But if you've been following my blog, you probably might have noticed that I don't really write many posts focusing on tips. 
That's because I'm rather more of someone who does "analysis" of ideas than so much giving advice. Okay, I actually do, but not quite in the usual way. Now most of you have probably now paused scrolling down and are yelling at the screen like: 
"What the heck, man? Didn't you say yourself on your About page you gave out tips and advice?" Well, let me clarify: Yes, I did. But having barely started a blog in half a year, a lot of people have already beaten me in talking about areas of writing that I would've wanted to do. So that leaves thinking not only about myself, but about other newbies like me who are just beginning their own adventures in, well, becoming authors. So please, sit …

Defeat vs Triumph: Should Our Heroes Always Win?

Early this week on a cold Monday morning just after recovering from the discovery of having snow right outside my back garden, I had a little think over my current writing status. I thought about where it all started, the ideas and solutions that still swum in my head that I could use, and ultimately, where I was now heading.
Then came the thought: Do my characters have to win? It's a huge new question that more and more writers have decided to use as canon to their stories, and one that I find extremely intriguing myself as I create my own story. Yet while heroes themselves are interesting set of characters, coming in all shapes and sizes with different personalities, opinions and motivations, is this new idea really a new way of mythos to story? Or, is it a trend that should be stopped?

With The Last Jedi nearly here, I can't help but theorize as an obvious fan, what might possibly happen to our main hero, or heroine in this case, Rey, who's about to take a new step with h…